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Simplify Your Reservation Process

Enable seamless online reservations from your website. Quick and easy reservation systems that your customers can do-it-themselves in minutes.

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What Does Our Booking System Do?

Collect the necessary information like a name, email address, phone number, party size, and any special requests that diners may have such as access to a high chair for a baby, booster seats for a child, allergy information, or anything else.

Branded Reservation Form

Reduce the booking time and get every detail you need from customers. Take more bookings online in a faster and easier way. Automatic notifications straight to your inbox.

How it works:

  1. Input Reservation Details

  2. Submit Reservation

  3. Receive Email/WhatsApp Notification

Capture Leads Information

Collect information about your potential customers. And use the information available to generate marketing materials in the future.

  • Capture Name, Phone and Email Address

  • Grow Your Database

  • Suitable for Email Marketing Strategy

Conditional Logic

Boost your booking numbers through personalized, user-friendly form experiences by only asking the questions that are relevant to your users. Automatically show or hide questions on a form based on a person’s previous answers.

  • Show/Hide Function

  • Fully Customizable Based on Offering

  • Supporting Dynamic Requirements