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Communicate with Customers Easily

Connect all your delivery and reservation partners to your website. No more multiple marketing links that triggers confusion and reduces the conversion rates.

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How it works?

Customers often get lost when they are bombarded with a lot of redirecting links that leads them to no where. With Tavernify, we provide a centralized point of information that customers can choose by themselves, without overwhelming them with too much of information upfront. With few clicks of buttons, they can now easily access your online ordering or reservation system.

1. Enters Website

Once entered, your web visitors will be presented with beautiful and professionally built elements that were designed to convert them into customers.

2. Choose Destination

The web elements direct them to a point of destination based on their intention. If they are interested to make a reservation, the Call-To-Action (CTA) are clear enough for them to click and make reservations.

3. Convert

They will be brought into the platforms based on their intentions. Once they have reached their destination, its just the matter of time for them to convert becoming your loyal customers.

Growth Funnel for Restaurants

Let your website does the work for you to explain further information about your offerings. The CTA within the website will then transfer them to the integrated platforms.

  • Fully-Automated Process

  • Connect From Social Media to Online Ordering Platforms

  • Sales Page Designed To Convert

Remarketing Compliance

Connect your website with your social media platforms to leverage the power of remarketing techniques. Fully compliant with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords advertising method.

  • Use Facebook Pixel to capture the activities of your web visitors.

  • Position Your Ads Dynamically To Suit Your Visitors Interaction With Your Brand

  • Increase Conversions By Reminding Customers To Make The Purchase

Social Media Integrations

Showcase your Instagram or Facebook posts right within your website.

  • Attract Visitors To Engage More With Your Restaurant

  • Display Your Mouthwatering Images From The Social Media Postings

  • Create Brand Awareness and Earn The Trust From The Visitors