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Rockfire Cafe

Steamboat & Grill.

The Best in Keningau.

The Challenge

Rockfire Cafe Steamboat and Grill is planning to bring the hospitality and quality of their restaurant to the web. Demystify the process of eating steamboat meals and help people to ease the process of booking in such setting.

At Tavernify, image is everything for Rockfire Cafe. Needless to say, their website had to reflect this in a way that would attract new customers and inspire the existing ones.

That meant a flawless and rather aesthetic web design with a high focus on images and easy to read content. The main challenge here was to create a fantastic website full of high-quality images, without taking them forever to load. Another business concern was embracing the constant change of restaurant layout and trends without consistently redesigning the website.

The Solution

Tavernif focused on designing and developing the Rockfire Steamboat Cafe website to make it more efficient for users. We evaluated the challenges at hand and helped solve them in few different ways.

The restaurant website was integrated with an easy-to-use reservation system that enables both the user and the owner be notified once a booking has been made via Email and WhatsApp. It is also fully integrated with Google Maps so the visitors can know where the exact location of the restaurant is. Each web page has a standard bottom-of-the-funnel, call-to-action throughout the entire website to drive more inquires and increase sales.

Responsive Web Design

Initially, Rockfire Cafe had no mobile website, which led to poor customer experiences. These poor experiences were leading to reduced conversion rates and loss of revenue. Looking to improve conversion and increase revenue, Tavernify decided to move to a responsive website design.

Responsive design allows a the restaurant owner to have one site which works on a desktop, laptop, smartphones, and tablets. No longer does a website need a separate version for mobile, which reduces the time and cost required to develop a website. Giving better experience to Rockfire Cafe’s visitors and increases the conversion rate.

Designed To Convert

We created Rockfire Cafe’s website with their customers in mind. Each page is created intuitively to boost conversions from just a web visitors turning into loyal customers. The website is so easy to use that ones can just make booking within 3 steps. We implemented fluid design method that allows visitors to access the website from any type of devices without making the website looks awful.

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