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Flora Kafe

You’ll Never Miss Your Comfort Food Again.

The Challenge

Flora Kafe is a premium kafe that offers comfort foods for its customers. 

Their direct competitors are cafes that serves comfort food to their customers like Dotty’s and Two Son’s Bistro, which located at the heart of the city.

With competition raising more than ever before, Flora Kafe had to find ways to differentiate themselves. 

They want customers to engage with their brand online and minimizing the interaction between the restaurant and their customers. They are currently utilizing too much resources to handle customer demands.

The Solution

A solution that beautifies the customer’s experience upon walking into the website. Minimalistic touch points across the website with great emphasize on user experience and usability.

Reducing the time needed to convert from web visitors to customers by implementing robust reservation technology into the system. Direct notifications sent out to the owner and the customers.

Seamless and easy to click contact and reservation button from the mobile view. Creating less friction for potential customers to engage and communicate with their brand

Optimised for Every Device

Flora Kafe website is accessible and optimised for every device, this sophisticated UI is backed by a robust and widely supported content management system, delivering reliability, flexibility and ease of use for both site visitors and the cafe’s internal staff.

Robust Reservation System

Online reservation system for modern restaurants. Manage reservations, guests and operations all in one place. Designed to help increase revenue and build loyalty.

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