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De Pauh Garden Restaurant

Restaurant In The Garden.

The Challenge

Being in the business for over 9 years with the same brand image had made De Pauh Garden Restaurant of reaching the target customers. The same brand image for over 9 years had pushed the restaurant to stagnation. The business was in dire need of new refreshing brand image that would facilitate them to connect with their target audience better.

It is always prudent for a F&B business like De Pauh Garden to keep looking for new customers and not rely on their loyal customers. Considering to rebrand their restaurant online also allowed room to connect with new-age clients that would resonate with their ideas and beliefs, brewing with new customers.

The Solution

The concept of De Pauh Garden was to have a website (designed for foodies), that effectively deals with time consuming tasks like booking reservation for weddings or other events, and making these tasks run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our brief was first to design a beautiful and user friendly website to attract new users, and then redesign the user interface of the actual web application.

Bring In New Customers

The efforts of online branding gave a new-age identity to the restaurant. Their customers and prospects started to identify De Pauh Garden better with their new and improved website design. The revamping of their brand image, their connect with the audience better, thy could project their services to the target audience in a better way.

Branding their business through web design, De Pauh Garden produced an effective marketing material to propagate their specials and project their services better.

Wedding + Catering

De Pauh Garden wedding and catering booking form catering reservation information like contacts of interested persons, estimated attendance and date. Also, there is a special request field that their customers can fill if they have additional requests regarding your catering service. Once completed, notifications will be sent via Email and WhatsApp.

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