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Restaurant Lack of Customers - Solution

In this article, we will discover the painful part of being a restaurant owner and learn the secret sauce of how to solve it.

But before going further, we want to warn you that this article is NOT for everyone. The details we’ve outlined in this article are for restaurant owners who are willing to go extra miles on expanding the business potentials. It requires effort and determination to follow through the process.

We will uncover the hidden truth of how we approach marketing and how to leverage the power of digital technologies specific to the Food & Beverages (F&B) businesses in Malaysia. The secret to restaurant success that you are finding all these while might show up within the article.


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Lack of Customers Despite Numerous Hours Spent in Marketing

First, let us start with a question.

Have you ever feel tired of the word ‘marketing’ in your restaurant business?

You’ve tried every marketing techniques that’s come along.

You’ve spent a tremendous amount of money into print and digital ads, but the truth is you just can’t seem to generate more customers for your restaurant. 

Perhaps, you’re even feeling tired and giving up with yourself to invest more in marketing and growing your audiences. You feel like no matter what you try; it’s not going to work.

We understand, bringing in new customers is not always an easy task. Not all restaurant owners have the time nor the cash to invest in advertising.

Your day-to-day activities are packed with managing suppliers, employing the right people, solving staffing issues, ensuring customers are getting what they deserve and managing end-to-end restaurant management issues.

The involvement in managing the restaurant makes you have less and less time to strategize an effective way to attract potential customers.

Everyone knows that:

Customers are the life-blood of a restaurant business.

Without them, you aren’t able to support your business operation cost.


Our aim for this article is to assist your business in building positive cash flow by generating more customers for your restaurant.

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Cash is King. And The Customers Are Bringing Them on the Table

If you leave the problem untreated, your business cash flow will turn ‘negative’, and you will be facing tonnes of issues to support your business. Let alone growing and expanding it to the next level.

The issue that the majority of restaurant owners are facing is they do not have the right realization on how much they are actually losing from their business.

The transparency is always blinded by the ‘stability’ they are seeing during the day-to-day business activities. It appears to be good and stable for most of the days. Customers coming in day and night.

But often, these restaurant owners are missing the opportunities to gain more customers than what they have now.

One of the privilege of having an F&B business is that you will have virtually unlimited potential customers in hand. The only thing that stands between you and them is HOW to reach them and grab their interest to come to your restaurant.

Having more customers means having more cash in hand. The more cash you have, you will have more opportunity to reinvest the profit back into your business (plus the money you bring home to your family).

Now, let’s do some exercise to determine how much you could potentially gain or lose if you aim to double the number of customers.

  1. Write down your average monthly income over the last 12 months.
  2. Then, write down what you want your average monthly income to be. Include all the cost needed with added profit into the income figure.
  3. Let’s say that your current average income is RM1,000 per day (approximately RM30,000 per month). With take-home profit of RM150 per day.
  4. You acknowledged that by generating more customers, you would be able to increase your income. Therefore, now your goal is actually to make RM2,500 per day in your business and able to pocket home RM350 per day. 

That means the gap between where you are now and where you want to be is RM45,000 per month. You’re actually LOSING RM45,000 every month if you don’t solve this problem.

Plus, instead of bringing home RM10,500, you only pay yourself at RM4,500 per month! 

Are you satisfied with that figure? Knowing you actually could gain more than that? Isn’t that a significant change in lifestyle that you could bring to your family?

By focusing on growth, and placing the right marketing strategy, you could easily gain the extra RM45,000 monthly income for your business.


From the example above, we can see that insufficient flow of customers may cause your F&B business growth to be stagnant with low profitability.

You might be able to break-even throughout the year, but to succeed (and putting in more money into your pocket), the business has to grow and expand. 

And the growth should be scalable enough so that your business could grow exponentially with minimal involvement from you.

What we meant by scalable with minimal involvement is by taking advantage of all the technologies available in the market—leveraging them to save most of your time and increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

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Invest in Digitalization

A Story of 2 Similar Beginnings But With Different Endings

In a beautiful evening in Kuala Lumpur, 5 years ago, two young men graduated from the same college.

They were much alike, these two young men. Both had been better than average students, both were personable and both — as young college graduates are — were filled with ambitious entrepreneurial dreams for the future.

Recently, these two men have decided to open up a cafe that serves the young generation with a cosy place to chill and good coffee to be enjoyed with.

They were still very much alike. Both open a separate store yet having a similar style and the same concept.

And both, it turned out, had opened the store within the same neighbourhood separated by few miles away.

But there was a difference. One of the stores is packed with customers. The other was struggling to survive.

What Made The Difference

Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference in their businesses?

It isn’t a native intelligence or talent or dedication. Nor the physical appearance of the cafe. It isn’t that one person wants success, and the other doesn’t.

The difference lies not within what we see from the outside. But how their brand awareness took place outside of their physical store.

To be specific, how their online presence looks like in front of their potential customers.

One had made a significant investment in creating an incredible experience turning their online fans to customers, day and night.

While the other was only distributing flyers around the store and seldomly post on their social media account.

Impactful Investment That Worth Every Dime

In the year 2020, investment in digital space will never go wrong for any F&B Entrepreneurs.

From social media to the point-of-sale system, to websites and funnels, online reservation and ordering system. All contribute to a potential increase in the number of customers walking into your restaurant.

The digital touchpoint had made the physical and emotional transaction easier and quicker than ever before.

Customers no longer drive to find new places to eat. Instead, they use online search engines like Google to satisfy their cravings. 

Appearing in Google listings is not difficult yet; many restaurants failed to do so.

Start registering with Google My Business (if you haven’t done so) to make your business appear on the listing whenever people try to search for your restaurant name.

The next level would have an SEO-optimized website to ensure your brand will have 100% visibility in the Google listing.

By investing in the online presence, you are 80% more guaranteed to have an increasing number in customers comparing to sticking around with only traditional marketing. 

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Free Up More Time & Generate Valuable Potential Customers Even When You Sleep

Will it be nice if you wake up every morning, knowing that your restaurant is fully booked for today?

Generating valuable potential customers even while you sleep sounds like a fantasy for some but not for those who had implemented the right digitalization strategy in their business.

Digitalizing your F&B business not only helps your restaurant to automate tedious task such as taking reservations but also it will also significantly reduce the time needed to complete for most of your daily activities. 

Taking the example of customers looking for a seat at your place. Traditionally, customers need to make a call or SMS to the restaurant to book for a seat.

This consumes a lot of your co-workers time plus; the customers will try to reach you in the middle of the night; just to book for a seat for the next day! 

With online reservation available, the form embedded onto your website ensures 24/7 accessibility for your customers to make bookings at your restaurant.

Generating customers had never been easier with a digital solution setup for restaurants. Free up more of your time and generate valuable potential customers even while you sleep.

Bonus: 5 Ways to Double Your Restaurant Customers in 90 Days or Less!

Download: The Easy and Quick ways to 2x the number of your customers for your restaurant that No Marketers dare to tell you. (Access Here)


That’s it! If you followed this complete checklist, you now have all the ingredients to double the amount of customers for your restaurant.

The best approach to creating the perfect marketing strategy to start with these basic ingredients. Use the guideline above to incorporate into your business. Then, tweak and test to perfect the approach that will resonate the best with your audience.

Take a step further by downloading our foolproof and evergreen secrets for your F&B Business success! 

Each page is written with fully-packed information which includes updated Malaysian statistics, tactics, guidelines and easy-to-implement strategies that will help you generate more customers and saves more time for you than ever before.

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