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Online Presence can help any business to get more customers. 

The same applies to the restaurant business, even if it is more competitive compared to other types of businesses. 

Every day, users especially the millennials, are using their phones to search for the best place they could eat around their area of interest. 

If you’re not within their searches, you’re losing the majority of your potential profit and customers.

Start taking action now and learn what are the best ways to earn high profitability through digital marketing.


Let’s have a look at what are the major online revenue-drivers that could literally boost your restaurant profit in less than 180 days. We mean it.

#1 Build A Professional Website (or Improve Your Website)

Yes, we are listing this as the top priority. Why? Because website is the first place where the impression is built by the customers.

Online restaurant experience begins from a website.

Your website must be the place that a potential customer will check for information relevant to your restaurant.

It can include details like the hours that they can visit you, your menu, images from the restaurant, and anything that can help them. 

The moment they tap into your website, they should feel the ambiance and atmosphere you’re offering from the actual restaurant. The streamlined experience helps build trust among web visitors which creates a better chance to convert them into high paying customers.

If your web visitors can obtain the right information from your website, they don’t have to struggle themselves to find further information through Google or other sites. 

The website too, gives your potential customers to make table bookings and catering reservations. Which makes everything easier and faster to handle.

Lastly, it’s quite easy to add social proof by posting customers’ opinions and reviews into the website.

Creating a website does not require many resources, and you can outsource most tasks without much trouble.

However, having just a website is not enough without optimizing it for search engines such as Google.

#2 Optimize Your Website For Local SEO

Many people will use Google to find restaurants in your area. So, it’s important to find your restaurant instead of other competitors. Building a website is the first step. Then, you must optimize it for search engines.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) works by targeting local keywords. For example, “restaurant + your area”. When people search for this term and find your website, there are many chances to visit your restaurant. 

Points to Note:

Many of these searches are from mobile, so you need to have a nice mobile design and a fast loading time. Once you take care of the technical parts, you can add your keywords to your pages. Each website can have multiple posts and pages, so it can target many local keywords.

#3 Create A Google My Business Listing

When you search for restaurants in any town or city on Google, you will see specific suggestions in featured snippets. The suggestions are above the organic results and on the sidebar. These snippets will increase your visibility when someone is searching for your restaurant name. 

If you want to see your restaurant in these listings, you just need to create a Google My Business listing and optimize it. It will request some basic details of your business as the restaurant name, address, phone number, images, and the menu. 

Google My Business is totally free and easy to use. So, please don’t miss this opportunity to register your business into the listing.

#4 Engage In Social Media

Most social media networks allow you to create business profiles or business pages. You can use them to engage with your target audience and people from your area. 

A good social media strategy should include content and engagement with other people’s posts. 

Starting with your content, you can publish images from your restaurant, events, reviews from customers, and videos.

You need to engage with content from people of your area or restaurant-related content. If you want to build good relationships with other local businesses, social media is great for networking as well.

By building relationships with your social media fans, you will have lesser friction to convert them into customers.

#5 Learn About Influencer Marketing  

There are influencers on every platform, and the chances are that you can find many of them in your city. Influencer marketing needs a budget but does not require to build an audience by yourself. You use other people’s audiences.

Most influencers are happy to advertise products and businesses in their profiles if they get paid for it. You can advertise any events and special offers in this way. 

When an influencer gets a lot of engagement on social media, it can be a decent option. The only limitation is that they must be relevant to the restaurant business.

#6 Send An Email Newsletter

You can set up an email form on your website to gather email addresses. 

Another option could be to create a landing page and send traffic from your social media profiles. If a visitor gives you an email address, it means that he is highly interested in your updates. You can send regular emails or only when you have something to say.

Many customers would prefer the second option because they would like to know any events or changes in the restaurant. 

Email marketing is an extra way to communicate with your audience and not the main marketing channel for a restaurant.

 #7 Ask For Online Reviews

Social proof is a cheap way to get more customers. Many people check online reviews on sites like Yelp, Facebook pages, Google listings, and business directories. They will make a decision based on these reviews.

If you want to get more reviews, you can encourage existing customers to leave reviews. When they are happy with their experience on your website, they will leave positive reviews. 

A part of this game is to manage the negative reviews. It will happen sooner or later. If you get a negative review, the best approach is to be polite and try to help them. In some cases, their reviews do not make sense, so don’t lose too much time with them.

#8 Publish Content On Your Website

Publishing content is a long-term strategy and has many benefits for SEO. You can publish blog posts relevant to your business. Then, they will get ranked under keywords on search engines. 

The blog posts can include recipes, upcoming events, describe your specials, changes in the restaurant, etc. Then, you can share these blog posts with your social media profiles to get likes and shares. The more content you publish, the more traffic you will generate on your website in the long-term.


If you follow the tips of this article, you can definitely quadruple the number of customers from your digital marketing strategy.

Even small improvements in your strategy can give you better results. 

Utilizing the best digital marketing tactics could give you an edge over your competition and increase your profits.

Be sure to build your online presence in a proper way as it might make or break the customer’s trust for your restaurant.

It’s important to learn about what your customers are looking for and how you can optimize your offerings, to not only fulfill their hunger but also help your bottom line in the process. For more information about creating an online experience through your website, get in touch with us.

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